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Jinxed! (1982)

Jinxed! is a movie starring Bette Midler, Ken Wahl, and Rip Torn. Harold, a professional gambler, and his girlfriend Bonita, a lounge singer, follow Willie, a young blackjack dealer, around the western U.S. Harold has a jinx on...

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The Synopsis for Jinxed! (1982) 720p

Harold, a professional gambler, and his girlfriend Bonita, a lounge singer, follow Willie, a young blackjack dealer, around the western U.S. Harold has a jinx on Willie and can't lose with him. Bonita and Willie meet and fall for each other and plot to do away with Harold and collect on his life insurance.

The Director and Players for Jinxed! (1982) 720p

[Director]Don Siegel
[Role:]Rip Torn
[Role:]Val Avery
[Role:]Ken Wahl
[Role:]Bette Midler

The Reviews for Jinxed! (1982) 720p

Not The Way They ExpectedReviewed bybkoganbingVote: 7/10

Rip Torn is a professional gambler who's made a decent living at it for years, but over the past year this man's income has skyrocketed because he's found a patsy. Seems like he's got the hoodoo sign on blackjack dealer Ken Wahl which causes him to clean up when he plays his table. The casino bosses notice it too as Wahl moves from job to job, but always Torn catches up to him.

Scouting the way is Bette Midler who is Torn's abused spouse, a lounge singer and somehow Wahl just never notices he happens to be working with her always. I guess the dealers and the entertainment really do move in different universes.

But when casino boss Val Avery says to do something underhanded to Torn, Wahl mounts a campaign to go after Bette. With his looks, Bette's needs and Torn's attitude, this one is an easy campaign. After that Midler gets Wahl involved in a plot to murder Torn and run away with Bette and the loot he's stashed. At this point the plot starts to resemble Billy Crystal's and Danny DeVito's efforts to Throw Momma From The Train.

It all works out, but just not quite the way they expected.

This film was the last one of director Don Siegel who started out back in the Hollywood Studio days. Not too many folks can claim to have directed Ronald Reagan and Bette Midler in their careers. This was Siegel's only venture into comedy albeit black comedy, he just didn't have the touch required for this film. His film with Ronald Reagan was not a high point of Siegel's career either.

Bette's best working alone which for about 20 minutes she does as Mr. Torn sends her on a treasure hunt. It'a almost a comic version of Clint Eastwood being sent all over San Francisco by Andy Robinson to deliver ransom in Dirty Harry. Which was also a Siegel film.

Fans of Bette Midler will like Jinxed however.

Similar films aren't making today, unfortunately!!!Reviewed byvintkdVote: 8/10

It's a very dynamic and funny comedy with young and always shining Bette Midler, who I love very much and I have been watching everything by her performance with great pleasure for a long time. In "Jinxed!" there is too many grim humor and even is a little of thriller and mysticism, and though this movie from the far '82, its nice to watch with all family today and personally me it makes laugh much more than some "Hangover", "The Dictator" and other modern comedies. I love old movies, because they are in the majority clever, kind and more emotional than cinema today. I'm sad what modern generation not need it and similar comedies lately are making maybe just in France.

total disasterReviewed bywrittenbymkm-583-902097Vote: 1/10

Don Siegel couldn't have directed this abomination. He must've given it to a new assistant director. I read that this movie bombed at the box office and almost ended Bette Midler's film career before it began, and I can believe it. This has to be one of the worst movies I've ever watched, and I did watch to the bitter end. I kept thinking surely something -- anything -- would happen to turn it around. But nothing turned it around. I hated every character, especially the absurd Ken Wahl character. The plot is absolutely stupid. There are too many things that are unbelievable to even list. The acting is awful. Bette Midler seemed to fluctuate between too cute, too melodramatic, and too weird. The "treature hunt" at the end is utter nonsense, including the painfully horrible and pointless scene with Jack Elam. This isn't a movie, it's a jumbled worthless mess. I'd give it a minus 100 if I could. Note to IMDb -- "must've" and "I've" are contractions, don't you people know English? These are not "spelling mistakes" you morons!

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