Limelight (1952) 1080p YIFY Movie

Limelight (1952) 1080p

Limelight is a movie starring Charles Chaplin, Claire Bloom, and Nigel Bruce. A fading comedian and a suicidally despondent ballet dancer must look to each other to find meaning and hope in their lives.

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The Synopsis for Limelight (1952) 1080p

Chaplin's final American film tells the story of a fading music hall comedian's effort to help a despondent ballet dancer learn both to walk and feel confident about life again. The highlight of the film is the classic duet with Chaplin's only real artistic film comedy rival, Buster Keaton.

The Director and Players for Limelight (1952) 1080p

[Role:]Nigel Bruce
[Role:]Buster Keaton
[Role:]Claire Bloom
[Role:Director]Charles Chaplin
[Role:]Charles Chaplin

The Reviews for Limelight (1952) 1080p

One of the Most Melancholic Films I Have Ever SeenReviewed byClaudio CarvalhoVote: 9/10

In 1914, in London, the former successful and presently decadent and alcoholic clown Calvero (Charles Chaplin) smells gas in the building where he lives and breaks in an apartment. He finds the suicidal Thereza 'Terry' Ambrose (Claire Bloom) laying down on her bed and he brings a doctor that saves her. They do not report to the police and Calvero nurses her in his apartment.

He leans that Terry was a ballet dancer that had a problem in her legs that are paralyzed. However, the doctor tells to Calvero that she has not a physical, but actually a psychological problem with her legs. He emotionally supports her and she recovers her health and becomes a successful ballerina. Meanwhile Calvero is also affected by Terry and quits drinking. Calvero tries to rebuild his career in the show business and while Terry falls in love with him but age must pass as youth enters.

"Limelight" is one of the most melancholic films that I have ever seen. I saw this movie for the first time when I was very young but watching "Limelight" older and older, I realized how depressive this tragic story is. The haunting music score was awarded with the Oscar of Best Music, Original Dramatic Score. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Luzes da Ribalta" ("Limelight")

A Bit Long, But a Solid Wrap to Chaplin's CareerReviewed bygavin6942Vote: 7/10

Chaplin without the tramp costume is almost unrecognizable. Also, how often have you heard his voice and realized he was a British gentleman? (And not just talking -- he is quite the singer here.)

The film itself was kind of slow and much too long, but the segments of Chaplin performing on stage were great... he could have just done that for 90 minutes!

Calvero's partner was played by Buster Keaton. Keaton and Chaplin had never before appeared together in a feature film, and this was to be Chaplin's final American production. It is a fitting end to Chaplin's career, a nice farewell to the tramp, and by throwing in Buster Keaton it puts to rest the idea that the two were "rivals" (when, in fact, they admired each other).

Reviewed bytomtheactuaryVote: 10/10/10

Chaplin could do anything as well or better than anyone else in movies:acting, writing, directing, composing, producing, editing, evenchoreographing. He was world renown as a comedian, yet has placed some ofthe most poignant images on film that ever were. He was, even more thanthegreat Orson Welles, a sort of one man band.

He was as successful worldwide as anyone ever was in movies. Somehow inallthis, he got the idea that he had something worthwhile to say about lifeandart. Which he did with this film.. and I for one am extremelygrateful.

The subjects of alcoholism... depression... aging... the ficklerelationships of audiences and performers... these are all covered in afilmthat manages to fit in philosophical dialog, pantomime, dancing, andmusic.The multiple showings of the same comedy sequence (in a dream, in front ofan unappreciative audience, in front of a wildly appreciative audience)getsone to thinking about the lemming-like nature of people in a way thatsomeone like Chaplin would have had almost unique insightinto.

It may take a while to become accustomed to the odd pacing and cadence ofaChaplin movie; once you are, you find yourself in the middle of anartisticexperience like no other.

The music in this film is unusually haunting and deserving of the Academyaward it belatedly received. 10 out of 10.

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